Consuelo Samarripa Author/Bilingual Storyteller, Presenter, Performin Artist

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Workshop Presenter

Witchita Falls, Texas

As an award winning Toastmaster, Consuelo presents workshops, master classes and seminars in various venues for all ages. She customizes her workshops and presentations in English or Spanish as needed.

Her presentations include:  


"Expository Writing: It's to DIE for" (Grades 3 - 12)

A hands on workshop to guide students through the process of writing based on the

* STARRS testing expectations. The workshop includes handouts. 

 "Inspired to write" (Grades 3-12)

At a younger level, students review the basics and learn to formulate stories with concrete images. 

 " Story Writing and Illustrations"  (Grades PreK-2)

A hands on program for the younger students.  Pre-requisites include basic knowledge of alphabet, numbers, and shapes. This workshop focuses on thinking out of the box, working as a team, and building self-esteem. Available in English, Spanish and Bilingual instruction.

 Adults and Children

"The NFL:  Now and Future Leaders" ( Program is uniquely designed for children (ages 10-17), adults, or children and adults.)

A leadership workshop for adults and children, as we share our leadership experiences and skills with the future- our children. Adults and children learn and practice the basics of good communication and leadership skills to progress in different environments. 


"Inspiration to Write"

      Students experience a different writing inspiration with concrete images.

"Voices of the Ancestors"

Journey back to the belief that some of the heritage stories are best told by bringing family folklore to life through the voices of the Ancestors.  A journey to the past, with experiences of how it was, asi era.

"Preservation of Heirlooms and Other Family Treasures"

       Preservation of historical stories and treasured heirlooms.

"Discovering A Story"

Journey through a series of discoveries leading to a new story.  Ideal for novice storytellers, as well as the professional storytellers. 

"The Storyteller is...You"

Participants are provided with insight to crafting a story and the awakening of the storyteller within.

" Los Curanderos: the Folk Healers"

Learn the not so mysterious side of "Folkhealers". A unique blend of Mexican Culture, History, Folklore and Storytelling.